2010 MACOOP Auction Program

Saturday, November 5th, 2010

2010 Menlo Atherton Cooperative Nursery School Auction

Schedule of Events


6:00 pm

Silent Auction Opens

Beverages and Dinner available


7:40 pm

1st Silent Auction Room Closes: “Getaways” & “Home and Garden”

(Music Room)


7:50 pm

2nd Silent Auction Room Closes: “Sign-up Parties” & “Electronics”

(Main Classroom)


8:00 pm

3rd Silent Auction Section Closes: “Kid’s Stuff”, “At Your Service”, and “Pamper Yourself”

(Right side of Big Tent)



8:10 pm

4th Silent Auction Section Closes: “Fine Wines” & “Dining Adventures”

(Left side of Big Tent)


8:20 pm

Raffle Tent Closes


8:40 pm

Raffle Winners announced


8:45 – 9:30 pm

Live Auction


10:00 pm

Check Out




A500                      Four Seasons Maui

Hawaiian Vacation:  Four Seasons Resort, Maui, at Wailea.  Enjoy 4 nights in paradise in a garden view room at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea.  Revel in the Ocean's sights and sounds, and Maui's natural majesty.  Attentive, anticipatory Four Seasons care makes you feel a part of paradise, while kid friendly touches allow the whole family to relax and enjoy. http://www.fourseasons.com/maui/

Donor: Four Seasons                                                            Donor Value: $2,852.00


A300                      Get Out of Maintenance Day “Free”

How much would you pay to have your Sunday morning back? Buy your way into the title of the Co-op's favorite slacker.

Donated by: Kristy Roos-Taylor & Mike Taylor                                            Donor value: Priceless!


A301                      Indulge in a Southeast Asian Culinary Homemade Feast

Five couples will be invited to the Enerio home for a date night out to experience homemade delicacies from Southeast Asia (Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia).  We come from families that love to cook and we would like you to enjoy cuisines form our part of the world.  We will have appetizers while you drink San Miguels, lychee martinis or wine.  Move on to the main dishes of Filipino noodles, fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai curry, Malaysia satay and much more.  The night of this Epicurean dinner tour will be Saturday, January 15, 2011.

Donated by: Anthony and Anna Enerio                                                         Donor value: $500


A302                      10 Delectable Dinners

The Tuesday-Thursday class will deliver 10 dinners to your home over the course of 10 weeks. 

Donated by: Tuesday/Thursday Class                                                            Donor value: $750




A303                      Name that Guinea Pig!

A once in a lifetime oportunity for your child.  Your child will meet with Teacher Kristy and provide names for both Co-op Guinea Pigs.  A plaque will be placed over the Guinea Pig home with the name and a photo of your child.

Donated by: MA Co-op                                                                                        Donor value: Priceless!


A304                      One week stay at our Summer House in the Sierras

This 3 BR, 2 B cabin in Serene Lakes, is the perfect summer vacation destination for your family.  Located only 3 hour drive away in Soda Springs, you will be steps away from a number of incredible day hikes to spectacular mountain views, river exploration, granite-ringed alpine lakes and waterfalls.  Serious mountain bikers can test their brakes on the Foresthill Road, a 30 mile descent that starts right by the cabin, behind Ice Lakes Lodge.  After your adventure, come home and swim in the lake or rent a kayak from the lodge.  (Bring a fishing rod – the lake is stocked!).  Dinner at the Ice Lakes Lodge rounds out the day. 

Donated by: Claire & Tim Burks                                                                                  Donor value: $600


A305                      Wine and Cheese Party at The Wine Room Palo Alto

Start your Sunday date-night off right at The Wine Room, Palo Alto’s most popular wine bar, on January 30th from 5-7pm. At this restored Spanish adobe in the heart of downtown, you'll get your (local) wine and (boutique) cheese on in the "Living Room", a reserved space furnished with cozy, comfortable couches and a wood-burning fireplace. It’s the perfect way to begin a winter’s night—with good food, drink, and friends from the coop.

Donated by: Shelley Knowlton & Adam Miller/ Nancy & Hedley                   Donor value: $600


A306                      Authentic CO-OP Playdough Set

Full Set of amazing COOP playdough in a rainbow of colors, with included dough tools.  Handmade in small batches, extra soft, pliable for small hands, and lasts up to a year. Organic/kosher/BPA-free/non-GMO/fair trade/cruelty free/shade grown.

Donated by:  Sarah & Juan Cueva                                                                              Donor value: $50



A307                      Name Those Fish!

Naming rights to the Co-op fish.  Your child will meet with teacher Kristy and provide names for both fish.  A once in a lifetime oportunity for your child. A plaque will be placed over the Aquarium with the name and a photo of your child.

Donated by: MA Co-op                                                                                                        Donor value: Priceless!


A309                      Bedtime Stories with Teacher Kristy

Have Teacher Kristy come to your home and read many of her class’s favorite stories to your child one evening before bedtime.  This promises to be a REAL treat!

Donated by: Kristy Roos-Taylor & Mike Taylor                                                     Donor value: $100


A310                      Romantic Getaway at Rosewood Sand Hill

Get the grandparents or sitter to sleep over and enjoy a one night stay in a deluxe room at the luxurious Rosewood Sand Hill resort in Menlo Park.  Includes breakfast for two in the Madera restaurant.

Donated by: Rosewood Sandhill                                                       Donor value: $575


A311                      Que Syrah Syrah Wine-Drinking Party

Back and better than ever.  A celebration of wines and wine varietals from the Rhone Valley.  Lots of great, funky, and varied Rhone style wines will be served and drunk.  Fantastic Shitake Ginger Beef stew will pair nicely with the wines.  Activities include a blind-tasting and a competition and a no-holds-barred Rhone trivia competition.  Wine snobbism to be left at the door.  Valuable and booby prizes awarded.  More fun than you can shake a stick at.  Date TBD by winners.  Up to 6 couples

Donated by: Jeremy Gundel & Anne Frisbie/Lisa Douglass & Jeff Fisher     Donor value: $600


A312                      St. Patrick's Day Party for 5 Couples

Let the Leprechaun's prepare a delicious dinner for your on March 17, 2011.  Come and enjoy a traditional Irish dinner at the The Swanson Cottage and you will be our lucky charms. Bid as a group of 5 couples!

Donated by: Kris and Rob Swanson                                                                 Donor value: $500

A313                      17 Meals on Wheels

The Friday class will make 17 yummy homemade dinners, to be delivered to your home or to the Co-op for pick-up. Special food preferences will be taken into account.  Imagine not having to cook for more than half a month!

Donated by: Friday Class                                                                                      Donor value: $340


A11                        Three Hours of Techie Time

Need your iPhone set up to sync with your calendars? Don't have your home computer backed up? Have a spot in your house where wifi doesn't work? Got a setup problem with your TV or stereo? Just need someone to give you unbiased on the spot techie advice in Fry's? Hugo can help! Thanks to 30 years of keeping his parents on the leading edge of electronics, being an incurable gadget-fiend and most recently working on the iPhone at Apple, he's very handy with this type of thing and can almost certainly help you out with your electronic problems.  Disclaimer: Smart and handy but NOT licensed or bonded and no guarantees!

Donor: Claire & Hugo Fiennes                                                                 Donor Value: priceless!




Sign-up Parties


A400                      Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party

Bring your little one to a Valentine Cookie decorating party on Saturday February 12th from 11-1.  The kids will decorate their cookies while the parents enjoy grown-up snacks and drinks.  Your child will leave with some fun cookies and a Valentine surprise.  8 children may attend.  $40 per child.

Donated by: Baker, Mondragon & Swanson Families                                              Donor value: $320




A401                      Cinqo de Mayo Fiesta: Evening Dinner Party for 30 People

Save the date and come and celebrate Cinqo de Mayo Co-op style at the Kisch residence at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday May 7, 2011. Jaime from Jaime’s Tacos will serve up 3 kinds of tacos and cheese quesadillas hot off the grill. Mix Master Steve Magner will quench your thirst for margaritas and beers. There will be music, a piñata, great desserts and plenty of good company to go around. Buy a ticket and see you there! $100 per couple; first 15 couples

Donated by: Enerio, Donahue, Hankowski, Kisch and Magner Families               Donor value: $1000


A402                      Pizza my Heart, Pizza Party and Tour

20 lucky children will attend this terrific party which has become a Co-op tradition.  The kids will take a tour of the restaurant and then  make their own pizzas.  We'll cook and eat them!  Each child will also receive a Pizza My Heart t-shirt.  Thurs, Nov. 11, 9am-11:00am. 20 children may attend -- older siblings welcome.  $20 per child

Donated by: Alissa & Anthony Cain                                                                 Donor value: $400


A403                      6th Annual Gentlemen’s Texas Hold em Party

Take a ride on the No-Limit Tournament Texas Hold'em bandwagon! Use super premium 13-gram chips. Limitless fine wine, fancy beers and other drinks. Self-deal. We will order pizzas throughout the night. Other food and snacks.  Cash prizes for the finalists.  Trophy for first place.  Party limited to 30.  $100 tonight.   $100 buy-in the night of the tournament.  Saturday January 8th.  7pm till late.  Lou Montulli’s House in Allied Arts. 

Donated by: Anne Frisbie & Jeremy Gundel/ Ashley & Lou Montulli           Donor value: $300


A404                      Family Big Screen Movie & Dessert Party

Bring the family and come to a backyard big-screen movie party.  Nora Singer and Brett Degner (Friday Class parents) will host you in their back garden and screen a family movie on the big screen.  Yummy desserts provided.  $40 per person.  Maximum 40 attendees.

Donated by: Nora Singer & Brett Degner                                                                      Donor value: $500




A405                      Dad-and-Kid Thump Football Party and Tournament

Watching football with your kid just got even more fun! Bring your iPhone or Android, iPad, Mac or PC to Chip and Audrey's house and, (after lunch!), we'll tune in to the 49er’s game on TV in order to Thump for free alongside the live action. The game is simple predictions of the plays. The highest-scoring dad and the highest scoring child will receive a special prize (but all kids will "win" something.)An abundance of beer, brats, burgers and healthy kids' food will be served. Limited space: First 10 "couples" (dad and son or daughter) to sign up.Cost: $30 per "couple." Sunday, Nov. 14, 12:30 pm (lunch, then kickoff at 1:15pm)

Donated by: Audrey & Chip Overstreet                                                        Donor value: $300


A406                      Manicure Party for Moms

Relax and be pampered with your Co-op friends.  Get manicures at Natalie Salon in Menlo Park while you enjoy some adult conversation. $15 per person.  Maximum 15 attendees.  Manicure parties will be scheduled on 3 separate dates, to be determined by polling winners.  Sign-up for dates will occur by email after the auction.

Donated by: Natalie Salon                                                                                   Donor value: $210


A407                      Bunko Party with Co-op Friends and Teacher Kristy

Enjoy a Bunko Party for 16, complete with delicious appetizers, fine wines and fabulous prizes!  Kristy will be our Bunko Master of Ceremonies for a night of fun at Lisa Douglass's house.  $50 to attend.

Donated by: Lisa Douglass & Jeff Fisher; Teacher Kristy                                         Donor value: $500


A408                      Fun at Nealon Park for M-Th Kids!

Join us at Nealon park before school for lunch and games. Pizza will be delivered to the park and your kids will be escorted to school. Parents, drop your kids off and enjoy some extended free time or join us for the fun.  Wenesday, November 17th 11:00 am.  $25 per child.

Donated by: Ayotte/Porter; Stremple/Spackman; Douglass/Fisher Families         Donor Value: $200




A409                      Cookies and Cocktails

Learn the cookie decorating secrets of San Francisco’s famous bakery, Miette, while sipping festive holiday cocktails!  Party to take place Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010, 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., at the home of Ashley & Lou Montulli.  12 people at $50 per person.

Donated by: Nicole & John Osmer; Ashley & Lou Montulli                                                 Donor value: $600


A410                      Kids Astrowizard Science and Magic Party

How would you like your child to attend a party that will forever radically change what they see when they look at the sky?  Bring your child to our afternoon party at Burgess Recreational Center where the Astrowizard will entertain, delight and inspire them with his science and magic extravaganza.

Using magic, both real and imaginary, the Astrowizard will entertain and educate the children with the magic of the universe.  He will bring his Portable Universe to our party and the children will be able to crawl inside this amazing inflatable planetarium.  There they will see a realiztic projection of 2000 stars, the Moon and the Planets set against the night sky.  They will learn about constellations and watch the “Magic Rocks” UV show.  After this inside program, the Astrowizard will entertain us outdoors with his scientific magic show (Dry Ice Demo; Very Big Bubbles; Rocket Fuel Demo, etc.). 

Appropriate for children ages 4-12, or those young at heart.  Siblings and drop-offs welcome.  Let’s have fun together while we learn about the universe and help our school!  Drinks and snacks provided.  $40 per child.  Learn more about the Astrowizard at www.astrowizard.org.

Donated by: Ihid Leao & Antonello Cruz; Nan & Wei-Yin Hu                                                 Donor value: $600


A411                      DADS -- Campout with your child (or children): Cabins, Meals & Campfire Included

Eight lucky dads will win a one-night stay with your child in a rustic cabin at camp Deer Camp. Beautiful hills trees and creeks surround this fun get away in Salinas.  Look out for wild boar, wild turkey and maybe a Tule Elk or deer on your private ranch.  Enjoy a delicious oak grilled steak dinner and wienie roast.  Then top it off with some Wild Turkey, hot chocolate, s’mores and campfire stories.  Awake to a warm campfire and a ranch style breakfast. Enjoy some fishing or hiking but most of all the memory of a great weekend with your child.  First 8 families to sign up at $200 will attend.

Donated by: Kristen & Rob Swanson                                                              Donor value: $1400




A412                      Teacher Kristy s Class of 2009/2010  Reunion

Come join all your old friends from Teacher Kristy’s 2009/2010 M-Th class for the annual reunion.  The party will be held at the Co-op on Friday, March 18 from 2:30-4:30 pm.  $25 per child. 

Donated by: Kristy Roos-Taylor & Mike Taylor                                                     Donor value: $500


A413                      Professional Japanese Flower Arrangement Class

Learn to make spectacular arrangements at this flower arrangement class, Japanese style. Keep your beautiful creation.  For 5 people at one of the buyers' homes.   $50 per person.

Donated by: Tomiko & Tom Moss                                                                             Donor value: $300


A414                      Party at the Co-op with Teacher Rachael

10 lucky children will be able to attend this fun party hosted by Teacher Rachael of the Tuesday-Thursday class.  The party will be held at the Co-op with games, food and party favor gift bags.  $30 guarantees a spot for your child!

Donated by: Teacher Rachael                                                                            Donor value: $300


A415                      Dad's Night In The Underground Lounge

Special  Members-only  meeting in The Underground Lounge with fellow Co-op dudes.  All dads welcome -- bring your guitar (or voice or other instrument) if you want to join the jam session,  or just come for the booze and munchies.  First 15 dads at $50 per person.

Donated by: Jill Hamor & Tom Cecil; Kelly Brennan & Doug Feick                                       Donor value: $750

A416                                      Family Party at Playborhood

Come play at our famous “Playborhood” yard on Yale Road in Menlo Park, just a few blocks from the Co-op!  Mike Lanza blogs about kids’ play and neighborhoods at Playborhood.com, and is writing a book on the subject.  This yard is his effort to create a neighborhood hangout for the children there.  For more information see: http://playborhood.com/site/article/our front yard family room/

http://playborhood.com/site/article/our back yard open playful in a land of fences/

http://playborhood.com/site/article/a trampoline.  $25 per child.

Donated by: Perla Ni & Mike Lanza                                                                          Donor Value: $100



A100                      LCD TV/Monitor by LG

This 22” LCD TV or Monitor by LG is Comercial Grade and comes with a tilt wall mount.

Donated by: Anonymous                                                    Donor value: $350


A91                        Flip Ultra Video Camera

Catch all those precious moments with this Flip Ultra Video Camera.  Shoot up to 2 hours of HD Video. Then just connect the built-in USB arm to your PC or Mac

Donated by: Anonymous                                                    Donor value: $200


A92                        Flip Mino Video Camera

Shoot up to two hours of video.  Carry it anywhere with its sleek design.  Connect via flip-out USB arm to your PC or Mac.


Donated by: Anonymous                                                    Donor value: $200


A89                        Toshiba Digital Photo Frame with setup

This 8-inch (diagonal) digital photo frame has built-in WiFi and 1 GB internal storage, USB and flash card readers, and a  a remote control.  The brand new frame will come with a personal onsite setup by Joe Hsy.


Donated by: Anonymous                                                    Donor value: $200


Home & Garden


A104                                      Fabulous Maternity Gift Basket

Pamper your wife, a friend or yourself with this terrific maternity gift basket form Mom's the Word in Palo Alto.  Includes a jar of sugar scrub, Michael Stars maternity t-shirt and $25 gift certificate to this stylish maternity shop.

Donated by: Mom's the Word                                                                                    Donor value: $105


A85                        Two Pendant Light Fixtures

Two gorgeous light fixtures!  Oil rubbed bronze finish and a glass diffuser.  Made by Circa Lighting.  Can be bid on separately or as a pair.  Fixtures are new but not in their original packaging.

Donated by:                                                                                                              Donor value: $800


A86                        $100 at Roger Reynolds Nursery

Spruce up your garden this spring or order a gift from the floral shop with this $100 Gift Certificate from Roger Reynolds Nursery and Carriage Shop in Atherton.  They even have live ladybugs -- a greed aphid solution and kiddie entertainment all in one!

Donated by: Roger Reynolds Nursery & Carriage Shop                                           Donor value: $100





A87                        New Leather Sofa

This beautiful sofa from Leather Leather Furniture Gallery has clean transitional lines, square arms and soft back and seat cushions. The leather is luxuriously soft, family friendly and durable. Free local delivery is included with the winner's bid.

Donated by:  Tricia & Sean Mulcahy                                                Donor value: $3500




A88                        Hand-made Greeting Card Set

Hand-made note cards and thank you cards with a flair for fashion. A set of 10 thank you cards and 13 large note cards suitable for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or  just because . Each card features unique outfits created from paper and fibres.

Donated by: Melissa & Byran Fulsum                                             Donor value: $35


A90                        Roger Craig San Franciso 49er Autographed Football

Calling all 49er fans!  Own an autographed football from three time super bowl champion and a heck of a great guy, Roger Craig.

Donated by: Allyson & Chris Penner                                               Donor value: $50



A93                        Beautiful  Handmade Cards

An assortment of 30 handmade greeting cards   These cards are fun, colorful, and perfect for many occasions. Self-sealed envelopes are included.

Donated by: Kealai & Peter Lee                                        Donor value: $35


A94                        Aida's Custom Cosmetics

Make-up Lesson and consultation

Donated by: Aida's Custom Cosmetics                                           Donor value: $125



A95                        Spa Services at Skin Spirit

$100.00 dollar gift certificate towards a facial, chemical peel, body scrub, laser hair removal or any other spa services at Skin Spirit in Palo Alto


Donated by: Skin Spirit                                         Donor value: $100


A96                        A Bag of Body Shop Goodies

Includes:  Vitamin E Starter Kit: Cleanser, Toner, Cream; Night Cream in a re-usable mesh bag; Satsuma Orange Body Butter and Shower Gel; Aqua Lily Tempting Trio (good for travel): Shower Gel, Lotion, and Bath Lily. All in a cute bag!

Donated by: Michelle & Chris Bellomo                                           Donor value: $100


A97                        Basket of High-end Hair and Bath Products

Luxuriate in these wonderfully rich bath and skin products from Nancy Boy, Inc., made exclusively from natural plant essences and does wonders for dry skin and unmanageable hair.  These products make great holiday gifts for friends and family.

Donated by: Kristy Roos-Taylor & Mike Taylor                                            Donor value: $250




A2                           Garden Court Hotel

Put up the in-laws or have a romantic night away with this free one night stay in City View Grand Deluxe Room at Palo Alto's downtown oasis.

Donated by: Garden Court Hotel                                                     Donor value: $350


A4                           Brunch and babysitting in SF

Brunch in a baby proofed house with toys and yard near 25th and Guererro followed by baby sitting from 1-5 pm. Pack 'n Play provided for nap. Max 2 children & 1 in diapers. Playmate for 4.5 yr. old, bonus.

Donated by: Janet Poses & Liam Goudge                                                     Donor value: $75


A79                                        Coop Camp-out

Come camp with the Abrams Family!   Choose from several local campgrounds locations.  Accommodations include use of our 26 foot RV trailer and tents.  We ll do the set up, cooking and packing up.  Includes biking, hiking, s mores and a scavenger hunt.

Donated by: Staci & Joe Abrams                                                                                       Donor value: $200


A105                                      Admission for Two to Gilroy Gardens

Fun for the whole family at Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park -- rides, attractions, theme gardens, and more. Plus,  -- very unusual, over 50 year-old Circus Trees rescued from Scotts Valley, California. Most rides geared towards the preschool crowd!

Donated by: Gilroy Gardens                                                                                        Donor value: $90





A80                        Theatre Works Tickets for Two

Go to a play for your next date night!  Enjoy a professional production at Theatreworks -- the nationally-acclaimed theatre of Silicon Valley and widely-hailed source of original new works for the American stage.

Donated by: TheatreWorks                                                                         Donor value: $116


A81                        Stanford Basketball Tickets

Cheer on the Cardinal (or the Beavers) at Maples!  2 Tickets in the Lower Level, Section 4, Row CC, Seats 1 & 2 (three rows from the Court) for the Stanford vs. Oregon State Men s Basketball Game on Saturday, January 29, 2011.

Donated by: Becky & Ward Bullard                                                                           Donor value: $108


A82                        Overnight stay at Westin Palo Alto plus Breakfast

Time for a romantic getaway? Use this gift certificate for overnight stay at Westin Palo Alto Hotel plus breakfast for 2 at Soleil Restaurant next morning for a special date night. 

Donated by: Brenda & Tom Pai                                                                                         Donor value: $478


A83                        Costanoa: 2 nights in a Tent Bungalow

Enjoy 2 nights in one of Costanoa's distinctive Tent Bungalows.   Just south of Pescadero in an eco adventure resort surrounded by endless acres of undisturbed wilderness, rolling coastal hills, and secluded beaches.

 Donated by: Jennifer & Sina Djafari                                                                               Donor value: $350


A84                        Boston Red Sox Tickets at Fenway Park

Four tickets to the game of your choice at Fenway Park in Boston in June, July or August 2011.  Prime season tickets, not available on the open market!  Loge seats behind Red Sox dug out.  No Red Sox-Yankee games. Tickets will be released in 2011.

Donated by: Corina & Mark Hankowski                                                                         Donor value: $350


A22                        Date Night at the Movies -- Includes Babysitting!

Have a great date night with two tickets to AMC Cinema.  Drop all your children off at the home of Brenda and Tom Pai while you go to the movies with your honey.

Donated by: Brenda & Tom Pai                                                                                         Donor value: $80


A28                        Bowling Party at Palo Alto Bowl

Let's Bowl!  Take the kids and their friends on a winter day or make it a grown up date night with these 5 bowling gift certificates at classic Palo Alto Bowl.

Donated by: Palo Alto Bowl                                                                                              Donor value: $60


A76                        Date Night or Family Movie Night in Downtown Redwood City

All you need for dinner and a movie.  Includes a Century Cinema gift card, dinner at Tacone restaurant, and dessert at Marble Slab Ice Cream.  We've even thrown in an Assortment of Movie Candy so you don't need to get ripped off at the snack bar!

Donated by: Michelle & Chris Bellomo                                           Donor value: $160


A78                        California Academy of Sciences Passes

Four passes to California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

Donated by: California Academy of Sciences                                              Donor value: $120




A101                                      Admission for Two to Great America

Ticket for two to California's Great America in Santa Clara on any operating day in 2010 or 2011.

Donated by: California's Great America                                                                                  Donor value: $110



Dining Adventures


A32                                        Sunday Supper for Four at Quattro Restaurant

Dinner for four at the Four Seasons Palo Alto's signature Quattro Restaurant.

Donated by: Four Seasons Palo Alto                                               Donor value: $200


A102                                      Dinner at Fleming's Premium Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Enjoy exceptional food and wine with this $75 gift certificate to Fleming's in Palo Alto.

Donated by: Fleming's Premium Steakhouse and Wine Bar                                          Donor value: $75


A103                                      Dinner at John Bentley's Restaurant

Enjoy seasonal American Cuisine served in a sophisticated, comfortable setting.  Dine out on date night with this $50 gift certificate.

Donated by: John Bentley's                                                                                         Donor value: $50


A33                        Homemade Korean BBQ Ready-to-Cook

Do you enjoy Korean BBQ?  We will marinate 4 pounds of Korean Galbi (short rib steaks) in a secret family recipe and deliver to your house.  It will be ready for your BBQ!

Donated by: Su-Mi & John Shin                                                                 Donor value: $100


A34                        1 dozen Kara's cupcakes

You are all set for your next party with 6 sweet vanilla cupcakes /6 Kara's karrot cupcakes.  Yummy!

Donated by: Anh & Jan Weber                                          Donor value: $40




A35                        Dinner from Organic Catering Service

Too tired to cook?  Try my organic catering service!  Choose any 2 kinds of soups and entrees from my website, and I will deliver it to your home.  http://organic-dinner.blogspot.com/

Donated by: Katalin Bacsa & Furat Allazzawi                                                Donor value: $150


A36                        The Mix Catered Party in a Box for 20

Make your next party a breeze with a catered  Party-In-a-Box  from The Mix, A Frozen Yogurt Treatery.  This yummy assortment includes: 20 Premium Frozen Yogurts, 3 Large toppings, Cups, Spoons, Napkins, and convenient party box.

Donated by: Kelly Brennan & Doug Feick                                                      Donor value: $94


A37                        Three Organic and Healthy Home-Cooked Meals

One organic chicken and vegetable pie, one lentil and vegetable soup with crusty baguette, and one moroccan tagine with couscous to be dropped off at your home at a convenient time.

Donated by: Kirsty Baker & Ian Clazie                                             Donor value: $75


A42                        Four Weeks of CSA Produce

See what the Community Supported Agriculture craze is all about!  Four weekly deliveries of locally grown, organic produce from Eating with the Seasons.  You choose 12 items of produce, and pick-up is two blocks away from the Coop.

Donated by: Jenny & Chris Buddin                                                  Donor value: $144


A38                        Sibby's Cupcakes

For your next birthday party or baby shower, use this Gift Certificate for 1 dozen delicious and lovely cupcakes of your choice baked to order, from scratch, using the finest gourmet ingredients at Sibby's Cupcakery in San Mateo.  They even deliver!

Donated by: Sibby's Cupcakery                                         Donor value: $39



A99                        Delicious Winter Delicacies: delivered Nov-Feb

Your family and friends will love these All-time Halprin family favorites, delivered monthly.  November: Very Pumpkin Bread.  December: Toasted Candied Pecans,sweet potatoes or cheese plate.  January: Kahlua Chocolate Cake.  February: Ultimate Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Donated by: Lynda & Matt Halprin                                                                  Donor value: $100


A39                        Pizza and Puzzle Party

One Pizza and Puzzle party for up to 4 people at new puzzle cafe in Redwood City Jigsaw Java.  Pick a day and time and come enjoy puzzles and games, pizza, and hot and cold beverages.  Perfect for adults or children.

Donated by: Jigsaw Java                                                      Donor value: $60




A40                        Sam's Chowder House

Dine on fresh dungeness crab while enjoying panoramic view of the sunset over Half Moon Bay.  $60 gift card.

Donated by: Sam's  Chowder House                                               Donor value: $60


At Your Service


A6                           Equinox Fitness 3-Month Membership

Jump-start your fitness goals at Equinox Fitness, which offers 100+ classes a week, a pool, a spa and even child care! It's the place to meet your New Year s resolutions, lose that baby weight, or just stay healthy!

Donated by: Albina & Jeff Parks                                                       Donor value: $730


A5                           Membership at Form Fitness

One-month membership at Form Fitness in downtown Palo Alto.

Donated by: Form Fitness                                                   Donor value: $359


A7                           Dry Cleaning Services

Everyone pays for Dry Cleaning.  Why not let the Co-op benefit?  Buy this $100 gift certificate to local Menalto Cleaners

Donated by: Menalto Cleaners                                         Donor value: $100


A8                           Kids' Birthday Party Photography

Forgot to take photos at your last kid's birthday?  Make your event more memorable with photos to share with your family and friends.  Leave the pictures to me - I will shoot for up to 3 hours and provide you with a photo CD.  

Donated by: Sue-Mi & John Shin                                                                      Donor value: $200

A9                           Round Trip Transport to the Airport

Want to get your family to the airport without hassle? I will provide your transport to SFO or SJC!  I can bring two car seats, or use yours if you want to travel with them.  Available Thanksgiving, but possible not Christmas.   I’ll make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

Donated by: Laura & Dmitri Joukovski                                            Donor value: $200


A10                        Design Services from Samuel Sinnott Architects

Thinking of a remodel?  10 free design hours from Samuel Sinnott Architects -- the designers of the MA Co-op building!

Donated by: Samuel Sinnott & Co                                                    Donor value: $300


A12                        Greenlite Medicine

Physician supervised weight loss (Mountain View & San Jose). Initial 1.5hr client launch visit: Combination of medication, nutrition ed, exercise, lifestyle change, support. Typical loss of 2-5 lbs/week. Goal: healthy habits to sustain loss long term.

Donated by: Brenda & Tom Pai                                                                   Donor value: $250


A18                        Axis Personal Training Sessions

If you wonder how some people around here stay so fit, pop into Axis and you'll see them with their personal trainer.  Now you can get in on the secret with this Gift Certificate for 2 personal training sessions with an Axis staff trainer.

Donated by: AXIS Personal Trainers                                                Donor value: $170


A20                        Tennis Lessons

Channel your inner Federer or Williams with four 1-hour tennis lessons for either one adult or 1-2 children!

Donated by: Melissa Allison & Nicholas Hughes                                         Donor value: $200



A21                        Mid-Peninsula Animal Hospital

Gift Certificate for Mid-Peninsula Animal Hospital

Donated by: Mid-Peninsula Animal Hospital                                               Donor value: $60



A24                        Family Portrait Session and $500 Gift Card

Family Portrait session by fine art photographer.   All photographs are museum quality, archival black and white prints. Sessions take place in the home, where families can relax and be genuine.

Donated by: Studio Moon Park                                         Donor value: $1250


A25                        Adobe Animal Hospital

You take the family pooch to the doctor anyway, why not pay the Co-op?  $100 Gift Certificate for veterinary services at Adobe Animal Hospital.

Donated by: Adobe Animal Hospital                                               Donor value: $100


A26                        9 Nights of Petsitting

Want to go on vacation, but can't stand the thought of leaving your furry friends alone?  Bring them to my house!  We ll watch over them for 9 full nights and spoil them rotten. If you prefer to leave them at home, I will care for them daily.

Donated by: Jennifer Chu & Terence Lin                                                       Donor value: $500


A31                        Doggie Wash

We ll come to your house and wash your doggie.  We ll bring the suds, and you supply the dog.  Includes a dog wash with shampoo and conditioner, a treat for your pooch, and a fur-drying walk around the neighborhood with your kids.

Donated by: Staci & Joe Abrams                                                                                       Donor value: $30



Kids’ Stuff


A48                        Sugar Shack Gift Card

Menlo Park's Ultimate Candy Destination!  Sugar Shack has almost every kind of candy imaginable, and they also prepare adorable party favors.

Donated by: Traci & Tim Carlson                                                                                       Donor value: $50


A49                        20 Party Favor Bags Filled with Art Supplies

20 Treat Bags filled with kids' art supplies   great for birthday parties for a wide range of ages of girls and boys

Includes:  3 cans play-doh; 2 paints; 1 paintbrush; 2 sidewalk chalks; 2 hand crafted crayons

Donated by: Melissa & Darren Engelkeimer                                                Donor value: $75


A14                        Atherton Lacrosse Summer Camp

Gift Certificate to Atherton Lacrosse Summer Camp 2011. You choose the week.  Your child has fun and learns Lacrosse!

Donated by: Atherton Lacrosse                                        Donor value: $100


A3                           Gold Star Gymnastics - Birthday Party

Have your child's birthday party at Gold Star Gymnastics in Redwood City. This two- hour party includes supervised gym play, games, and activites as well as celebration in their treat and party area.

Donated by: Gold Star Gymnastics                                                  Donor value: $225


A15                        Swim Lessons at Menlo Swim School

One full session of Swim School at Menlo Park pool from qualified instructors.

Donated by: Menlo Swim School                                                     Donor value: $150

A16                        Soccer Coaching

Two one-hour soccer coaching sessions with collegiate level player, 9-year soccer coach, and ESPN.com writer Jeff Carlisle.  This guy knows his soccer!  Your budding soccer star will benefit greatly from one-on-one training with Jeff. 

Donated by: Andrea & Jeff Carlisle                                                  Donor value: $150


A17                        PUMP  it  UP Party

Gift Certificate for $50 towards weekday Birthday Party at PUMP it UP Belmont.

Donated by: Pump It Up                                                                                               Donor value: $50


A106                                      Birthday Party at Snip-It's

Does your girl like to play dress-up? She and her friends will love this fun party with cake, juice, party favors, a special gift for the birthday girl and, oh yeah, a whole bunch of fun for everyone!  8 girls, choice of rock or glamour theme.

Donated by: Snip-Its                                                                                       Donor value: $280


A50                        Dress-up set: lovingly handmade crown and cape

Get ready for the holiday or a child s birthday! Give a handmade present no child can resist: a wool felt crown for a king, prince or princess and a hand painted double-sided silk cape (color of your choice: green, blue, red, yellow, and orange).

Donated by:  Eugenia & Alexander Orlova                                                   Donor value: $40


A51                        Bountiful Basket of Books

Bring the joy of reading to your child with a basket of books for hours of reading fun.  A wonderful selection of family and preschool favorites.

Donated by: Gabrielle Higgins & Bill Steinmetz                                           Donor value: $120



A52                        Manny's  Childrens' Shoes Gift Certificate

$60 in gift certificates at Manny's Children's Shoes in downtown Menlo Park

Donated by: Manny's Shoes                                                              Donor value: $60


A53                        Baby/Toddler bath gift basket

A gift basket with Weleda baby/toddler bath items (shampoo and body wash, body lotion, tooth paste, diaper cream, starter/travel kit)

Donated by: Stefanie & Thomas Chalberg                                                    Donor value: $70


A54                        Magformers - 62 Extreme FX Set

Feel the magnetic force and experiment with up to three basic geometric shapes - the square, the triangle, and the pentagon - to create complex 3-D models.

Donated by: Leesa Bae & Bowon Lee                                                          Donor value: $75


A55                        Cheeky Monkey Toy Store

$100 Gift Certificate for Cheeky Monkey. What a win-win item! Birthday party presents for the year all taken care of -- and all your money goes straight to the Co-op!

Donated by: Cheeky Monkey Toys                                                                 Donor value: $100


A56                        Bruder Toy Truck

Multi-functional logging truck.  Just like the real thing!

Donated by: The Toig Family                                                                              Donor value: $65






A57                        Ceramic Cookie Jar with Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whimsical ceramic cookie jar with a mischievous raccoon on the top, filled with real chocolate chip cookies!

Donated by: Gina & Mark Watkins                                                  Donor value: $40


A58                        Preschool Art Studio in a Bag

Superb art making kit - all in one place: washable markers, chubby crayons, pack of paper, liquid watercolors, paint brushes, tempera paint, stickers, sidewalk chalk, huge batch of homemade play dough.  Activity cards for toddler art activities included.

Donated by: Rachelle & Scott Doorley                                           Donor value: $100


A59                        Blocks and Puzzles Basket

Encourage and enhance your child's imagination with Plan Toys Preschool 50 Unit Blocks and a wonderful selection of Melissa & Doug puzzles.


Donated by: Anonymous                                                    Donor value: $150


A60                        Tub 'O Toys and Books

Need great gifts for Christmas? Birthdays? Special Treats?  Enjoy this tub filled with hours of entertainment.  Whether it's a Crayola Chalk toy or a snuggly Webkinz animal!

Donated by: Christine Hurley & Christopher Wan                                                     Donor value: $100


A61                        Bay Area Discovery Museum Family Pass

Take the family to explore the gorgeous and fun indoor-outdoor Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito.  This Guest Pass admits up to 5 kids or adults.

Donated by: Bay Area Discovery Museum                                                   Donor value: $50



A62                        Orbit Baby Bassinet Cradle

A bassinet for the 21st century: Seamlessly transition from using it on the Orbit Rocker as a cradle, to comfortably carrying it as a moses-basket, to docking it onto the Stroller Frame* as a designer pram. (*sold separately)

Donated by: Annie & Colter Leys                                                     Donor value: $280


A63                        Collection of Favorite Sing-a-long books

Five hardcover “songs-to-read” books(Baby Beluga; Puff the Magic Dragon; Take Me Home

Donated by: Teri & James Bergeron                                               Donor value: $100


A64                        Magna-Tiles and Travel Tangrams

Who said geometry can t be fun? With a 32-piece set of magnetic tiles, your child can make all sorts of two- and three-dimensional shapes. For engrossing fun on the go, take along two sets of magnetic travel tangrams.  No batteries needed!

Donated by: Nan & Wei-Yin Hu                                         Donor value: $80


A65                        More Cheeky Monkey Toy Store

Another $100 Cheeky Monkey Gift Certificate!

(Yep, there are two of these great items)

Donated by: Cheeky Monkey Toys                                                 Donor value: $100


A66                        Hand-crocheted Baby Girl Afghan Blanket

Soft, cozy, hand-crocheted blanket. Pink and white squares to keep a little baby girl warm and happy. Measures 35  x 25 .

Donated by: Melissa & Byran Fulsum                                             Donor value: $50



A67                        B is my Blanket Gift Packages

Looking for a special gift to give to a young toddler or to celebrate a recent birth? B is My Blanket is a wonderful choice. The book and blanket come packaged with love in a delicate, drawstring organza bag. Includes two packages (1 blue/1 pink)

Donated by: Shelley Knowlton & Adam Miller                                            Donor value: $40


A68                        Gift Bag with Jewelry-Making Kit and Fashion Kit

Gift bag contains a large jewelry-making kit and Klutz Paper Fashions so your little one can make her own haute couture out of paper supplies.  Perfect for a gift for a young school age child.

Donated by: Gina & Mark Watkins                                                                  Donor value: $25


A69                        My Gym Membership

Gift Certificate  good for a life membership at My Gym. Includes one month of children's classes (one per week).

Donated by: My Gym                                                                                            Donor value: $150


A70                        Color Me Mine Gift Certificates

Find a ceramic piece and design and paint it with your original art to make it your masterpiece!  The finished product makes a great gift for the grandparents!

Donated by: Michelle Ho & Andrew Ho                                         Donor value: $50


A71                        Swim Lessons with Shannis Swim School

Does your child need to learn to swim?  Youll be thrilled with the one-on-one approach at Shannis Swim School, a favorite of many young Co-op kids.  Winning bid gets a certificate for $200 worth of swim lessons.

Donated by: Shanni's Swim Stars                                                     Donor value: $200



A72                        Pony Party at Lemo's Farm

Have your next birthday party at Lemo's in Half Moon Bay.  Get $65 off a Pony Party.

Donated by: Lemos Farms                                                  Donor value: $75


A73                        Lego Assortment and Magnetic Trucks

Your child will have countless hours of imaginative, self-directed fun, using a base set of 400 Legos and a 200 piece Lego fire engine. If that weren t enough, we ve thrown in a set of magnetic cars and trucks. Our kids love these, and so will yours!

Donated by: Nan & Wei-Yin Hu                                                        Donor value: $80


A74                        $40 Gift Certificate for Music Classes

Sing along with your child at weekly music classes from Music for Families

Donated by: Music For Families                                                        Donor value: $40


A75                        Parakeets

Want to be a hero?  Bring home new pets!  Add some chirpy cheer to your family? We will provide two parakeets - one white and blue and one green and yellow - with a brand new white bird cage.

Donated by: Janine & Kevin Olivero                                                                Donor value: $100



A77                        Single Use Family Pass to the Oakland Zoo

A pass for free admission to the Oakland Zoo for up to two  adults and two children and free parking for one vehicle.  This pass must be redeemed during one Zoo visit and cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Donated by: Grace Lam & Aki Ohashi                                             Donor value: $50



Pamper Yourself


A23                        Sarah Jacobson, M.D. and Elizabeth Gould, M.D.

Tired of brown spots or redness on your face, arms, neck, or chest?  Tired of excess hair and sick of shaving? Treat yourself or a friend to a series of three photofacials (IPL) OR three sessions of laser hair removal!

Donated by: Sarah Jacobson, M.D. and Elizabeth Gould, M.D.                     Donor value: $1500


A27                        Haircut with Conditioning Treatment

Diana Antes at Salon Vie will give you a haircut plus deep conditioner for added moisture and strength and gloss for shine.  Salon Vie is located in Sharon Park.  To get a sense of how happy and loyal Diana s clients are, look up her reviews on Yelp!


Donated by: Mara & Adam Goldman                                             Donor value: $110


A29                        Yoga Classes at California Yoga Center Palo Alto

Four morning yoga classes with Lily Anne Hillis at The California Yoga Center in downtown Palo Alto.  Lily has over 30 years of experience and has trained in India. She can accommodate all levels of experience and instruct students with past injuries.

Donated by: Tyler Wilson & David Korn                                         Donor value: $68


A30                        Haircut, Color And Thai Massage

Visit the Pro-Creations salon for a change in look and a little pampering.

Donated by: Michelle & Andrew Ho                                               Donor value: $150




A13                        Professional Massage from Body Wisdom

One hour massage in your home by licensed and highly-rated massage therapist Leslie Peterson at Body Wisdom in Menlo Park.

Donated by: Body Wisdom                                                                          Donor value: $50


Fine Wines

A43                        1997 Kenwood Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon

Each year, winemaker Mike Lee, selects his finest barrels to produce the Artist Series blend.  Elegant and intensely flavored, this rich wine was aged in small French oak barrels for 36 months and continues to improve with age.

Donated by: Allyson & Chris Penner                                               Donor value: $65


A44                        Liam's Grandpas' Artisan Basket

Liam's grandfathers are both craftsman -- one is a winemaker and one is a woodworker.  Grandpa Tovar donates a handmade block cutting board. Grandpa Bart donates two bottles of his 2007 Pinor Noir from the Entendre label.

Donated by: Meghan Tovar & Brett Johnson                                              Donor value: $120


A45                        2 bottles of Georges de Latour wine : 2001 and 1997

2 bottles of Georges de Latour wine. 2001 and 1997.

Donated by: Nina & Louis Villalba                                                                     Donor value: $200


A46                        K&L Wine Merchants

100.00 Gift Certificate at the wine shop.

Donated by: K&L Wine Merchants                                                  Donor value: $100



A47                        Vintage wine carrier filled with pinot noirs

Vintage wine carrier filled with pinot noirs from 4 different regions in California.

Donated by: Jaci & Jason Lettmann                                                 Donor value: $200



A1                           Amici's Gift Certificate

Feed the whole family at everyone's favorite pizzeria in downtown Menlo Park with this certificate for one large pizza.

Donated by: Amici's East Coast Pizzeria                                         Donor value: $30


A226                                      Trader Joe's Gift Bag

Bag full of everyone's favorite snacks and goodies from Trader Joe's.

Donated by: Trader Joes                                                                                               Donor value: $40


A200                      Hillsdale Shopping Center

Two $25.00 gift certificates good at any retail stores in Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo.

Donated by: Bohannon Foundation                                                Donor value: $50


A201                      Laser Tag Party at Lemo's Farm

Have your next party at Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay with this $30 off a laser tag party.


Donated by: Lemos Farms                                                  Donor value: $30


A202                      Patxi's Chicago Pizza

25.00 Gift Card for Patxi's Chicago pizza in Palo Alto.

Donated by: Paxti's Chicago Pizza                                                    Donor value: $25


A203                                      Mini Golf Passes

Put-Put, Miniature golf, whatever you call it, its fun for the whole family with these passes to Malibu Grand Prix in Redwood City.


Donated by: Malibu Grand Prix                                         Donor value: $50


A227                                      British Banker's Club

Have some drinks at the local with this $25 gift certificate for the BBC in Menlo Park.

Donated by: British Bankers Club                                                                                              Donor value: $25


A228                                      $15 at Cafe Borrone

Coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks -- they have it all at our local Cafe Borrone.

Donated by: Cafe Borrone                                                                                           Donor value: $15


A229                                      $20 at Cook's Seafood

Get the freshest fish and the best cooking tips at Cook's Seafood in Menlo Park.  Buy your Sunday dinner with this gift certificate.

Donated by: Cook's Seafood Market                                                                                       Donor value: $20


A230                                      Lunch or Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory

$50 gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory in Downtown Palo Alto.

Donated by: The Cheesecake Factory                                                                                     Donor value: $50




A204                      Oasis Gift Card

25.00 gift card to Oasis Restaurant

Donated by: The Oasis                                                                          Donor value: $25


A205                      Parents Place Workshop

Whether it's Music Together, Toddler Social Club or a Sleep class, you’ll love the opportunity to attend a workshop at Parent’s Place in Palo Alto.

Donated by: Parent's Place                                                 Donor value: $35


A206                      Avanti Pizza

Gift Certificate for Avanti Pizza

Donated by: Avanti Pizza                                                     Donor value: $25


A207                      Drum Songbook

Rum-tum-tum, beat that drum!  Your little one can play to their own beat with this drum songbook.


Donated by: Music For Families                                                                        Donor value: $20


A208                      Bay Area Discovery Museum

Guest Pass - Admits up to 5 kids or adults


Donated by: Bay Area Discovery Museum                                                                   Donor value: $50


A210                      Coyote Point Museum

Family Membership for one year.

Donated by: Coyote Point Museum for Environmental Education                                                     Donor value: $65


A211                      Oasis Gift Card

25.00 gift card to Oasis Restaurant

Donated by: The Oasis                                          Donor value: $25


A212                      The Counter- Custom Built Burgers

Gift Certificate for The Counter

Donated by: The Counter                                                    Donor value: $25


A213                      Laser Quest Fun Pack

One game of Laser Quest for you and 3 friends.

Donated by: Laser Quest                                                     Donor value: $25


A214                      Beltramo's Fine Wine and Spirits

25.00 Gift Certificate for Beltramo's

Donated by: Beltramo's                                                       Donor value: $25


A215                      SF MOMA

2 guest passes to SFMOMA

Donated by: SF MoMA                                         Donor value: $36





A216                      The Mix - A Frozen Yogurt Treatery - Gift cards

The Mix features organic and natural frozen yogurt with plenty of topping options - from candy to fresh fruit, from granola to Gummi worms. treat the whole family with $25 of gift cards.

Donated by: The Mix                                             Donor value: $25


A217                      Avanti Pizza

Gift Certificate for Avanti Pizza

Donated by: Avanti Pizza                                                     Donor value: $25


A218                      Gift Certificate for Lux Eyewear

$100 gift card for glasses or sunglasses at Lux Eyewear in Palo Alto

Donated by: Lux Eyewear                                                   Donor value: $100


A219                      Mid-Peninsula Animal Hospital

Gift Certificate for Mid-Peninsula Animal Hospital

Donated by: Mid-Peninsula Animal Hospital                                               Donor value: $60


A220                      35 Bucks at Bucks of Woodside

$35 gift certificate to Buck's of Woodside

Donated by: Buck's                                                Donor value: $35


A222                      Passes to Legion of Honor or de Young Museum

Four (4) VIP guest passes to the Legion of Honor or the de Young.

Donated by: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco                                                    Donor value: $40



A223                      Children's Book from Kepler's

You'll have a birthday party present or a surprise for your child with this children's book form Kepler's in Menlo Park.

Donated by: Kepler's Books and Magazines                                                Donor value: $16



A224                      35 Bucks at Bucks of Woodside

$35 gift certificate to Buck's of Woodside

Donated by: Buck's                                                Donor value: $35


A98                        Yoga Classes at Devi Yoga

Gift certificate for 5 class yoga package at Devi Yoga in Menlo Park

Donated by: Devi Yoga                                         Donor value: $75