2008 MACOOP Auction Program

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

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6 p.m.

Silent Auction Opens


Beverages & Dinner Available



7:30 p.m.

Raffle Closes



7:40 p.m.

1st Silent Auction Room (aka “the music room”) Closes



7:50 p.m.

2nd Silent Auction Room (aka “Room 1”) Closes



8:00 p.m.

3rd Silent Auction Room (aka “the tents outside”) Closes



8:30 p.m.

Live Auction!

And announcement of Maintenance Day costume raffle winner



10 p.m.

Check Out






Hi Everyone!


Attached is the official program for our Auction Party next Saturday.   Below are a few reminders and thoughts as we approach the auction.


·        Remember to bring this program with you.  We won’t have extra copies for you, and you will want to mark this up like a shopping list.  Non-coop members will get their copy of this program as they enter the school Saturday Night.


·        Bring your Checkbook to the Auction.  We can’t take credit cards or cash at this point (…& if we come up with a creative solution before the 8th, we will send an e-mail update).  Payment is due on Auction Night during check-out!


·        We are still (gladly!) accepting donations and will include any items that did not make the program in an addendum that will be distributed the night of the Party.


·        Please check your donated item for accuracy.  We’ve tried hard to get it all right, but we will publish any needed corrections in the addendum.


·        Attendance is required (2 class hours for each parent attending).  We’ve had only one family let us know that they can’t make it, and attendance from alums looks like it will be strong, so it should be a great, full party.


·        Arrangements for individual packages such as vacation homes and dinners or parties hosted in someone’s home must be made directly with the donor.  Donor contact information will be found in your certificate envelope at the time of payment.  Please contact donors within two weeks to inform them of your purchase.


·        Tax information:  Every effort has been made to establish a fair market value for each of the donated items.  Please note that the amount of the contribution deductible for income tax purposes is limited to the amount paid over the fair market value of the item.  We recommend that you consult your tax advisor.


·        For anyone who drinks a little too much, or whose spouse needs to leave early on Saturday, there will be drivers available to get you home – you’ll need to pick up your car the next day.  Please take advantage of this great option, if you need it


It’s shaping up to be a terrific Wild West Round-up at the Co-op Corral.   Feel free to contact us with questions.


Warmest regards,

Kris Swanson & Laura Joukovski


Dear Parents and friends, < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">


I am so glad you are all able to attend our 9th Annual Auction.  This is one of my favorite nights of the year because the whole co-op community comes together to have fun while helping to support our school.  This year the board voted to generously donate a portion of the auction proceeds to Family Connections in East Menlo Park.  I am proud to be the Director of a school dedicated to community outreach.  The Co-op is fortunate enough to be able to give to programs in need year after year because of the generosity of people like you.  I want to thank each of you for contributing to the auction—without your help we could not have such a successful fundraiser.


An enormous thank you goes out to Laura Joukovski, Kris Swanson, and their committee for all of the time, energy, and enthusiasm they have put into this event.  The money made from the auction helps us have, and continue to maintain, our wonderful facility while being able to fill it with new books, creative art supplies, music, and much more.  Proceeds also help keep tuition low and help to pay the salaries of our teachers. 


Thanks again to all of you for your support.


Kristy Roos-Taylor


Live(stock) Auction!


9          Name that Fish!!!


Let your child be the one to name our new fish!  Come to school one late afternoon for a special naming ceremony with Teacher Kristy.  Pictures will be taken to mount above the tank.  Your child will also get a small treat bag.


Donor: MA Coop                                                                                  Donor Value: priceless!


10           A guinea to name the guinea pig!


Let your child be the one to name one of our guinea pigs!  Come to school one late afternoon for a special naming ceremony with Teacher Kristy.  Pictures will be taken to mount above the cage with your child holding the guinea pig.  Your child will also get a small treat bag.


Donor: MA Coop                                                                                  Donor Value: priceless!


1034       Bunko Party


Enjoy a Bunko Party for 12, complete with delicious appetizers and drinks at Elizabeth Kerrigan's pad. You supply the players, we'll supply the food, fun and prizes!


Donor: Kristy Roos-Taylor & Elizabeth Kerrigan                                  Donor Value: $500.00


35           Southern BBQ Dinner


Enjoy an afternoon/evening feasting on < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">Southern BBQ and sipping beer, wine, and special cocktails with the Nobles and the Swansons.  The menu will include Jon's famous pulled pork, ribs, chicken, and more.  For up to 8 people.  Date TBD.


Donor: Liesl and Jon Noble &  Kris and Rob Swanson                         Donor Value: $500.00


48           One week in Joshua Tree


Cozy, rustic, relaxing one bedroom cabin on 2.5 acres in the desert town of Joshua Tree.  All basic amenities- running water, electricity, small refrigerator, bathtub (no shower).  Cabin is heated by wood burning stove, outdoor fire pit.  Many fun day adventures close by.


Donor: Marie Clemente                                                                          Donor Value: $500.00


1100       Get Out Of Maintenance Day Free Card!


Sleep in on a Saturday, while someone else completes your maintenance day!


Donor: MA Co-op                                                                                Donor Value: priceless!

50           Meals on Wheels - 14 dinners


The Friday class gift this year allows you to enjoy their gourmet delicious dinners delivered right to your doorstep!  You decide if you want a meal per week or two weeks without giving a pot a thought!  Dates to be agreed upon.


Donor: Friday Class                                                                                Donor Value: $700.00


1026       Cocktails to Cupcakes!


Enjoy a festive night out at the Guevara's.  We'll kick things off with specialty cocktails and appetizers. Then we'll sit down to a delicious, leisurely dinner with butler service. The evening will be topped off with home baked, butter cream frosted cupcakes. A priceless evening to be enjoyed by 6 top bidders!


Donor: Drew &  Lisa Guevara                                                               Donor Value: $500.00


1036       Dinner Party for 12


Gourmet dinner party for 12 at Chez Kerrigan.  Fine wine and fabulous food will be served in our home and gardens.  We'll do all the work.  You and your friends just show up and enjoy.


Donor: Elizabeth &  John Kerrigan                                                     Donor Value: $1,200.00


1051       Desserts for the Year Made by the Tues/Thurs Class


Dessert for the Year!  Gourmet desserts delivered to your doorstep every month. Indulge your sweet tooth and enjoy desserts delivered 2-3 times a month! Schedule your delivery for a dinner party, birthday party, holidays or just for making your evening a little sweeter! 


Schedule of Desserts:

November- Homemade Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Chip Squares ...a decadent, moist and delicious dessert....

December- Assortment of Holiday Cookies, Homemade Blueberry Crunch , Scrumptious cake slices from La Baguette

January- Homemade Key Lime Pie, Brownies and homemade Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

February-  Homemade Red Velvet Cupcakes, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Barefoot Contessa Coconut Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

March- Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes, Homemade Mango Mousse Cake and Cheesecake           April- Schokolate Truffles, Carrot Cake and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies                     May- One Dozen Sprinkles Cupcakes, delicious Swedish Princess Cake from the Prolific Oven  All desserts to be delivered by May 31, 2009


Donor: Tuesday/Thursday Class                                                             Donor Value: $500.00


1089       Backyard Mexican Fiesta


Evening dinner party for 12 people!  Sample the best of Mexico as Lisa and Jeff serve up margaritas of all stripes, along with a dinner featuring homemade salsas and authentic Mexican recipes. They also promise to organize a backyard game or two in true yard party style -- prizes included! Date TBD by winning bidders.


Donor: Lisa Douglas & Jeff Fisher                                                         Donor Value: $560.00


1092       Italian Dinner in Your Home


Enjoy a multi-course meal for 10 while relaxing in your own home. My mother, Teresa Costantini, (who worked as a cook for Dal Baffo Restaurant in Menlo Park for 20 years) will make pasta by hand (meaning no machine).  We will serve a multi course meal that will include:  Appetizers, two different types of homemade pasta i.e. ravioli or tortellini and tagliatelle.  Two different types of meat dishes, various side dishes, dessert and Chianti.


Donor: Sonia & Matt Presotto                                                                Donor Value: $500.00


1094       Children's Tile Mosaic Mirror


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the greatest class of all?  The little artists of Teacher Kristy's M-Th class have created tiled works of art which beautifully frame a decorative mirror.


Donor: Monday - Thursday Class                                                          Donor Value: $200.00


1091       Tech Support House Call   (Plus a mystery gift!)


Up to 3 hours of Tech support in your home! Finally take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and have someone else get those things on the "Honey Do List" done.  What can Hany help you with?  Here are some ideas: finally get rid of the all those remotes and put everything on 1 universal remote OR organize your digital photos OR set up your wireless home network OR make your home computer safe for your kids OR simply change the batteries in your smoke detectors and change a few light bulbs. You make the list and he'll get it done.   Package includes a mystery gift.


Disclaimer: Smart and Very Handy but NOT licensed or bonded and no guarantees!


Donor: Mary & Hany Nada                                                                  Donor Value: priceless!


1095       Lemon Tree in a Very Special Container


Enjoy the fruits of this lemon tree, planted in a pot decorated with the hand prints of the children from the M-W-F class.


Donor: M-W-F Class                                                                              Donor Value: $100.00


Silent Items


"Under the Stars": Getaways


1004       One Night Stay at Stanford Terrace Inn


Spend the night at the Stanford Terrace Inn, an oasis of unexpected elegance across the street from the Stanford Campus.


Includes a deluxe continental breakfast with waffles, high-speed and Wi-Fi Internet access, parking & complimentary local shuttle.


Valid until 11/9/2009; excludes Stanford June Graduation.


Donor: Stanford Terrace Inn                                                                  Donor Value: $199.00


1016       Two nights at Asilomar Conference Grounds


Great Getaway!


Two night standard stay for two adults and two children at the beautiful Asilomar Conference Grounds includes full breakfast for two days.


Make your reservations well in advance -- they are popular!  When you get there you'll see why.  Expires Nov. 30, 2009


Donor: Asilomar Conference Grounds                                                   Donor Value: $350.00


1037       Personal Chauffer for a Day of Wine Tasting


Napa Wine and Dining Tour - a day in Napa, visiting few of the best wineries and art galleries, and enjoying a great Italian lunch. Everyone will be picked from and delivered to their house.    Note: Can seat up to 6 passengers.


Donor: Peter Kossev &  Yvonne Wong                                                 Donor Value: $200.00


At your service.....


16           Garden Design Consultation (2 hrs.)


Does your yard need help?  Enjoy the services of a Landscape Architect!  With over 15 years professional experience, I can help sketch out design solutions, suggest plant ideas or simply help you understand what you have and how to care for it.  I specialize in fun and functional family gardens with flexible spaces that can grow and change as the family's needs change.


Donor: Carolyn Whelan-Andersson                                                       Donor Value: $200.00


28           Adobe Animal Hospital


Is your pooch pouting or your cat's meow missing? Get quality, dependable animal care for your pet with this $200 gift certificate.


Donor: Adobe Animal Hospital                                                             Donor Value: $200.00


40           One Bicycle Tune up


Has your bike been sitting in your garage for years without any use?  Do you want to ride it but it's broken down and you don't want to fix it?  I'll do it!  I will do a general inspection of your bike and recommend new parts as needed.  If you pay for the parts, I'll install them.  I'll also tune up your bike, including: Cleaning the mechanics of your bike, cleaning the chain, aligning the shifters, adjusting the brakes, and minor wheel truing.


Donor: Andreas Linkwitz                                                                         Donor Value: $75.00


51           Babysitting


Want a night out on a Date Night??  I'm offering 4 hours of babysitting.  I'll play games, have a healthy meal and entertain your little ones while you are out.


Donor: Yaneth Mendez                                                                            Donor Value: $60.00


1041       Video! Your favorite photos set to music


Have some great photos on your computer but too busy to display them? I can take a set of photos (or video clips) and arrange them against your choice of music. The end result is a professionally edited video lasting about 3-5 minutes which can be displayed at your next birthday party, family gathering or given as a gift. Final product is delivered on a DVD for playback on your computer or TV.


Donor: Sally Espinoza                                                                            Donor Value: $200.00



1042       Photo  Session


Photo Session: family portrait, special event or candids.  Looking for a family portrait for your Holiday card? Want to put down the camera at your child's next birthday party? I will use my pro-quality lens and 6MP digital SLR for up to 3 hours of picture taking at the venue of your choice.  The final product, high-resolution images will be delivered on CD   Use before September 1, 2009 except during the month of December, when we are expecting a baby.


Donor: Tony &  Sally Espinoza                                                              Donor Value: $200.00


1052       Photographs By Nicole


Two hour photography session at the location of your choice. The session can be for family pictures, children's portraits, maternity portraits, a birthday party or holiday party.  Deliverables include a matted and signed 5X7 print and a CD including all high resolution images.


Donor: Photographs by Nicole                                                               Donor Value: $400.00


1064       Photography by Delgado


A certificate includes a portrait consultation, a Black and White studio photography session, and one artist sampler: a fully retouched, matted and framed 4x6 print, ready for display.


Donor: Photography by Delgado                                                           Donor Value: $250.00


1073       Coastside Photography


This is an extraordinary opportunity to have the family portrait you've always wanted created on the magnificent Half Moon Bay coast by master photographer Tamara Trejo. The winning bidder will receive an heirloom quality 11"x14" fine art portrait. Quality framing is available upon request.


Donor: Coastside Photography                                                              Donor Value: $550.00


1076       Private Tutoring:  Singapore Math Program


This is a package of five one-hour lessons in an elite Singapore Math Program provided by Advantage Testing's Palo Alto office (www.advantagetesting.com).  This program presents an opportunity to assess your child's development against the world's most successful math curriculum.  The tutoring is one-on-one, allowing the tutor to identify and address your child's unique learning style and math capabilities.  These lessons are appropriate for students in 1st through 5th grade and can be highly beneficial for both students who need extra help keeping up with their class, or for students who need an extra challenge and would like to work ahead of their class.


Donor: Advantage Testing                                                                     Donor Value: $600.00


1084       $1000 of Architectural Services for Home Improvement


$1000 of Architectural Services for home improvement from Samuel Sinnott & Co. www.sinottandco.com   Billed hourly, the service includes certification of existing conditions, code research, conceptual design, construction cost estimating or any other relevant service.  (Note:  Samuel Sinnott & Co. designed the MA Coop Nursery School in 1993.)


Donor: Sam Sinnott                                                                             Donor Value: $1,000.00


1085       Photography Session & Family Portrait


Enjoy a photography session with Koski photography at a local outdoor location near Menlo Park or at the Cupertino Studio.


An 11x14 portrait of your family or children is included.


Donor: Koski Photography                                                                     Donor Value: $325.00


1098       $500 off Estate Planning by Structure Law


If you're like most parents, you've thought about making an estate plan, but haven't done it.  That's normal.  But, preparing an estate plan, like most of what you do for your kids, is an act of love.  Structure Law Group (Liza Hanks formerly of Family Works) makes it easy for you to get your estate plan done in six weeks or less.  This way you can feel good, no guilty!  This certificate is for $500 discount on the value of drafting a comprehensive will portfolio or living trust portfolio for a family


Donor: Structure Law Group, LLP                                                        Donor Value: $500.00


1101       Photography Session plus 8x10 picture by Jennifer Scholting, Lifestyle Photography


Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!  Choose a family session, couples session, kids session or a combination – whatever fits your needs and still in time for the holidays!!!


Donor: Jennifer Scholting Photography                                                 Donor Value: $200.00

Barn Dance!: Entertainment


53           Coyote Point Family Membership - 1 year


This auction item is for 2 - 1 year family memberships to the wonderful Coyote Point Museum.  This first membership will go to the person winning the bid, and the second will be provided to a family that uses the services of CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse).  This is an opportunity to bid on something for your family and also provide the gift to a family dealing with domestic violence.


Donor: Coyote Point Museum, Alissa & Anthony Cain                        Donor Value: $130.00


200         Christmas fun at the Nutcracker


5 seats to the San Francisco Nutcracker Ballet on Dec 24th at 11:00am.  2 seats front row, 2 seats 2nd row and 1 seat 3rd row.  Orchestra left, seats AA1, AA3 A1, A3, B5


Donor: Laura Paul &  Ben                                                                      Donor Value: $270.00


1020       Two Tickets to TheatreWorks


Two tickets to any TheatreWorks production.


TheatreWorks, the nationally-acclaimed theatre of Silicon Valley, is routinely applauded for its consistent and outstanding artistic excellence.  The company has gained a national reputation for bringing dynamic new works to the Bay Area, and is called "a launching pad for Broadway" by The San Francisco Chronicle.  TheatreWorks produces eight shows a year; an eclectic mix of dramas, comedies, classics, and musicals, and also offers exceptional student education programs to the community.


Tickets good for any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening performance.  Expires December 31, 2009.


Donor: TheatreWorks                                                                             Donor Value: $112.00


Chuck Wagon: Wine & Dine!


12           Chinese Delivery!


Too tired to pick up take out Chinese?  Let us deliver to your doorstep a home-cooked Chinese dinner from our kitchen!  On the menu, BBQ spareribs, pork fried rice, plus something sweet!


Donor: Lisa Grady                                                                                    Donor Value: $50.00



24           Bagel and Coffee Delivery


We will deliver fresh bagels and toppings of your choice along with your preferred morning beverage to your door, at your specified hour.  Pretend you live in Manhattan, up late the night before because of the rocking social life you have, desperately in need of coffee and bagels...                                                                             Or you can just be happy that someone else is doing some of the work for you one morning!  Just let us know 1-2 days in advance.


Donor: Nancy &  Jason Rosenthal                                                           Donor Value: $30.00


31           1 Batch of 24 Red Velvet Cupcakes


No time to stand in line at Sprinkles?  I will bake and deliver 24 delicious red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for your next birthday party or event.  It's my Grandmother's recipe!


Donor: Stella &  Brent Bergan                                                                 Donor Value: $75.00


37           Paella Class for 2


Paella on the patio!  There is something so satisfying about cooking paella in the fresh air. Our class is designed to make paella experts of even the most novice cooks!  We will create both traditional and non-traditional paellas.  Students will enjoy tapas and sangria while they work.  It's a day of cooking, eating, and lively discussion.  Book early - this class always fills up fast.  Contact Jose Luis @ Iberia Restaurant.


Donor: Iberia Restaurant                                                                        Donor Value: $200.00


49           Dessert of the Month!


Love yummy baked goods?  No time to bake?  Let us do the work and deliver fresh baked yummy desserts once a month!  You could use these for your next dinner party or enjoy all yourself!!  Might include delicious seasonal crisps, chocolatey profiteroles, cookie platters, tarts, and many other possibilities.  All fresh, local, organic ingredients when possible.


Donor: Domonique &  Grant Matthews                                                 Donor Value: $150.00


900         Deeelish! Gift Certificate


$200 Gift Certificate offers a way to fit home cooked, gourmet meals into a busy day.  The Deeelish! gift certificate can be redeemed for a Deeelish! Meals Made Easy online purchase order or Dine2Nite purchase.

Gift certificate expires 5/31/2009.


Donor: Deeelish! Meals Made Easy                                                       Donor Value: $200.00


1007       Dine at Sultana


Dine indoors or outdoors on delicious Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine!


Gift Certificate for $50.


Sultana is a wonderful addition to downtown Menlo Park, with fantastic food and a super child-friendly staff.


Donor: Sultana Restaurant                                                                       Donor Value: $50.00


1018       Winery Tour & Tasting for 15


Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards will give a private tour and tasting to 15 adults.  Bring a picnic lunch or buy gourmet foods in the tasting room to complete the experience.


Located in a historic Villa and Vineyard among old growth redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards produces Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc, and Carignane.


Donor: Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards                                                   Donor Value: $300.00


1022       Wine Discovery Kit / Wine / Glasses


Understand more about the wine you drink with the Wine Discovery Kit. Wine Discovery , as a game or as a tool, is a tasting method that helps you learn how to recognize the region of origin, vintage or appellation of a wine. Also included are 4 hand painted wine glasses and 4 masked bottles of wine (for identification after completion of the Wine Discovery Kit if you so desire). Happy Bidding


Donor: Teri Bergeron &  James                                                              Donor Value: $200.00


1023       Recchuiti of San Francisco Chocolate Gift Box


A sharing box from San Francisco's own artisan chocolate maker- Michael Recchuiti. Inside:

The Black Box (16 pcs of Recchuiti's signature chocolates), The Chocolate Bar Trio, Peanut Butter Pucks, Burnt Caramel Almonds, and Key Lime Apples. Enjoy!!


Donor: Rachel Duclos &  Marc Gottschalk                                            Donor Value: $100.00


1024       Bountiful Bagel Basket


Have a scrumptious breakfast of orange juice, fruit salad, a dozen bagels and all of the fixings delivered right to your doorstep one weekend morning! Just call two days in advance to notify me of when you would like it to arrive


Donor: Andrea & Jon Baker                                                                     Donor Value: $50.00


1028       Dinner at Mezzaluna


Enjoy a dinner out in beautiful Princeton By The Sea! Gift certificate for an Italian Restaurant in a beautiful setting. Enjoy!


Donor: Janine Olivero                                                                               Donor Value: $75.00


1039       Kahlua Chocolate Bundt Cake


I will bake the winning bidder a delicious Kahlua chocolate bundt cake appropriate for a special occasion, a party, or anyone who loves chocolate!


Donor: Elizabeth Lorenz                                                                          Donor Value: $25.00


1044       Pumpkin Muffins


24 scrumptious home made pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting, made to order,  delivered to your doorstep. Perfect for the holidays, entertaining, or a special treat for a quiet night at home. Highest bidder is in for a delectable indulgence! Date to be mutually agreed upon.


Donor: Staci & Joe Abrams                                                                      Donor Value: $25.00


1050       Wine and Chocolate Basket


What better combination than wine and chocolate? Enjoy a bottle of California Zinfandel by Plungerhead and a bottle of Moscato D'Asti by Nivole. Pair that with a variety of chocolate bars: Newman's Own Crispy Rice with Milk Chocolate, Alter Eco Dark Mint Chocolate, Seeds of Change Dark Milk Chocolate and Roasted Hazelnuts, Alter Eco Dark Almond, Divine Milk Chocolate. Finish that off with The King's Cupboard Espresso Chocolate Sauce on top of Carr's Table Water Crackers. YUM!


Donor: Nancy & John Hedley                                                                  Donor Value: $55.00


1053       Two Bottles of Wine


Compare the Cabernets...

1 bottle 1993 Clos du Val Cabernet Sauvignon

1 bottle 1994 Clos du Val Cabernet Sauvignon


Donor: Jill Berman & Gene Golovchinsky                                             Donor Value: $175.00


1063       Cache Creek Casino Dinner for Four


This Gift Voucher entitles the Bearer and up to three (3) guests to a complimentary meal at the Harvest Buffet. This is a non-transferable item and does not include gratuity or alcohol.


Donor: Cache Creek Casino Resort                                                        Donor Value: $150.00


1074       Byington Winery tour and tasting for 30 people


Enjoy a tasting of five premium Byington WInes during your exclusive tour of our beautiful Italianate chateau, including the vineyard, crush area, production area, and stunning cave.


Donor: Byington Winery and Vineyard                                                 Donor Value: $300.00


1090       Holiday Cookies


3 dozen delicious Holiday cookies delivered to your door. Arrange drop off date with Mastura.


Donor: Mastura Wahedi & Wito Richter                                                 Donor Value: $40.00





Dollin' Up: Beauty


19           Basket of Hair and Bath Products


Donor: Eric Roos                                                                                    Donor Value: $250.00



34           Haircut, Deep Conditioning Treatment, Gloss Application


Haircut, deep conditioning treatment for added moisture and strength and gloss application for extra shine.  Provided by Stylist Diana Antes of Julian Chase Hair Design in Palo Alto.


Donor: Diana Antes                                                                                Donor Value: $110.00


39           Haircut @Textures


Textures Salon - one of the most respected hair salons in Menlo Park, is offering a haircut from one of its best stylists.


Donor: Textures                                                                                        Donor Value: $90.00


41           Haircut


Haircut by Dianna Perona - expert stylist in downtown Palo Alto at Opulence Hair Lounge.  She has over ten years experience and is a New York trained Bumble and Bumble stylist/Network educator.


Donor: Tissha Brumm                                                                               Donor Value: $90.00


100         Mommy and me Mani/ Pedi


3 pairs of mommy and me manicures and pedicures.

Moms and daughters can enjoy a mani and pedi together at Absolutely Nails.

Absolute Girly Fun!!


Donor: Huifen Chen                                                                               Donor Value: $140.00


1005       Facial at Lidia's Skin Care Studio


Enjoy a Rejuvenation Facial at Lidia's Skin Care Studio.


The Rejuvenation Facial is good for any skin type, and includes a face, neck and shoulder massage.


Valid until 11/8/2009.


Donor: Lidia's Skin Care Studio                                                              Donor Value: $90.00



1008       Signature Facial & Manicure


Pamper Yourself!


Body Kneads Signature Facial.

Donor: Body Kneads Spa & Salon                                                          Donor Value: $72.00


1013       Teen Facial & Manicure


Treat your teen!


Teen Facial



Donor: Body Kneads Spa & Salon                                                          Donor Value: $67.00


1014       Gentlemen's Facial & Manicure


Beauty for Men, too!


Gentlemen's Facial



Donor: Body Kneads Spa & Salon                                                          Donor Value: $67.00


1067       75 minute therapeutic massage


The recipient will receive a custom-designed 1 1/4 hour massage to address specific soft tissue pains and dysfunction, to assist in the relaxation process, and to mobilize fluids, tissues, and energy.


Donor: Body Wisdom                                                                            Donor Value: $113.00


1069       Watercourse Way


A one hour hot tub with steam or sauna good for two people.


Donor: Watercourse Way                                                                         Donor Value: $56.00


1070       Mary Kay Beauty in Minutes Set


Satin Hands Pampering Set: Help hands feel extra moisturized, soothed and pampered. It includes extra emollient Night Cream, Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub and Satin Hands Hand Cream and can be used all day long.


Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is non-greasy and easily the best eye makeup remover you will ever use (even on waterproof eye makeup)!


Nourishing Lip Gloss: (In Starry) will not only moisturize your lips, but give you a quick and clear shine!


Satin Lips Set buffs away dry, cracked lips then moisturizes to help keep lips soft.


SPF 30 Sunscreen is a lightweight, oil-free sunscreen you can use every day on your face and body and is also safe for most children.


TimeWise Day Solution SPF 25 prevents lines and discoloration before they occur by blocking damaging UVA/UVB rays. A calming peptide helps relax expression lines.


Donor: Kim Loisel                                                                                  Donor Value: $131.00


1086       Haircut & Highlights


Enjoy a hair cut and highlights by Sean Shalboff in downtown Menlo Park


Donor: Kenneth Michael Salon                                                              Donor Value: $100.00


Fancy Goods & Trinkets


22           Picnic Backpack


The perfect picnic for two! This backpack has a delightful array of glasses, plates, cutlery and even pepper and salt shakers. All in safe and handy melamine and plastic. Backpack has a cool bag section too. Everything you need for a picnic!


Donor: Teacher Kristy                                                                              Donor Value: $50.00


29           Mr. Coffee Espresso/Cappuccino Maker


Is your morning brew boring? Do you depend on Peet's or Starbucks to get your zing zinging? Well no more! Mr. Coffee Espresso/Cappuccino Maker is guaranteed to put a spring in your step - all from the comfort of your own kitchen!


Donor: Fekete Family                                                                               Donor Value: $60.00


43           Vera Bradley Bag


Green and Blue Vera Bradley quilted bag.


Donor: Kelly Brennan                                                                              Donor Value: $50.00


1021       Body Shop Basket


Includes: Body Scrub, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Butter, and more bath and shower essentials


Donor: Michelle Bellomo & Chris                                                          Donor Value: $100.00


1029       Shopping and coffee


Enjoy shopping in down town Menlo Park with these gift cards to your favorite stops! You are bidding on 4 gift cards for Peet's Coffee (25.00 each) and a Cheeky Monkey gift card with a $100.00 value. Start your Holiday shopping !!


Donor: Nan Kim                                                                                     Donor Value: $200.00


1030       Beautiful Handmade Cards


Enjoy these 22  handmade cards and 5 gift tags all year long.


Donor: Kealailani Lee                                                                               Donor Value: $70.00


1047       Verites et Mensonges


Korean calligraphy by the invited artist Soon mi Song.  Verites et mensonges (Truth and Falsehood) 48X40 cm  2008


Donor: Leesa Bar & Bowon Lee                                                            Donor Value: $500.00


1097       Shopping Spree at Nordstrom


$100 gift certificate to Nordstrom


Donor: Christina Nguyen                                                                       Donor Value: $100.00


1099       Hand-made Gingerbread House


Nothing makes a more impressive centerpiece during the holidays than a homemade gingerbread house. This special ginger bread house will be constructed on a 24 x 24 cardboard base.  The "property" will be decorated with a Christmas tree in the front, a creek, a bridge, a pond, trees and fences.  There will also a wood pile in front of the house for the fire place.


Donor: Joy Simon                                                                                   Donor Value: $100.00



Home on the Range!


7             Home or Office Ergonomic Evaluation


An ergonomic evaluation of a home, home office, or work place.  This includes an assessment of positioning, furniture, monitor placement, keyboard and mouse use, and handwriting.  Specific equipment will be recommended.  This can be for an individual or a small group (up to 4 people).  The evaluation will be done by a hand therapist who has done ergonomic evaluations for homes and businesses.


Donor: Tyler Wilson                                                                               Donor Value: $150.00


13           Porcelain Bathroom Sink


Looking to remodel or upgrade an existing bath?  This is a high-quality porcelain bathroom sink manufactured in Sweden by Ifo Sanitar.  A classic pedestal sink with a unique bowl design.


Note:  3 sinks available to the top bidders


Donor: Christopher Andersson                                                               Donor Value: $325.00


46           Ecotots Project Table and Stool Set


Simple, modern table and stool set is made by Ecotots which designs and manufactures real wood furniture that assembles and disassembles quickly and easily without any tools or hardware.  Their furnishings are made from 100% renewable FSC Certified Smart Wood and are available in eco-friendly, water-based finishes. 


Set includes 1 Project Table and 2 Stools in Fire Red with natural finished edges.  The stools nest underneath the table and out of the way when not in use.  Made in the USA.


Donor: Design Public & Sina Djafari                                                     Donor Value: $400.00


102         Leather Pillows and $250 off next store purchase!


2 quality leather pillows, ideal as a child friendly and sophisticated accent to your sofa or chairs. Included is $250.00 off next purchase at 'Leather Leather'.


Donor: Tricia & Sean Mulcahy                                                               Donor Value: $400.00


1032       Hands Free Skype: Polycom Communicator


Polycom Communicator C100S ......The Ultimate hands-free Skype experience !    Polycom HD Voice technology for high-fedelity sound. Two high quality microphones. Skype-certified. Built-stereo headphone port. Connects and powers through USB     ** "Best Buy" Computer Shopper; "Editors' Choice" Business Info Magazine


Donor: Elaine Smith                                                                               Donor Value: $140.00


1035       Indonesian Window/Mirror


I am a beautifully handcrafted Indonesian Window/Mirror.  Imported from Indonesia.         Antique reproduction.  You are a male or female who appreciates my beauty and uniqueness.


Donor: Yvonne Wong                                                                            Donor Value: $500.00


1043       HP Photosmart All-in-One Printer


Hp Photosmart C6380 All-in One Printer, Scanner, Copier. 2.4 color display, 802.11 wireless, 2 USB, Ethernet up to 33ppm(B/W), Up to 31 ppm (color) 600 X600 DpZ memory card reader


Donor: Bowon Lee & Leesa Bae                                                           Donor Value: $200.00


1046       Emergency Preparedness Pack


Be prepared in the event of an emergency or earthquake! This backpack is full of items to help you and your family to be prepared. See photo and itemized list at the silent auction. Food items will expire in six months!


Donor: Doreen & Joe Hsy                                                                      Donor Value: $150.00


1087       Train Cake Pan


Enjoy a baking adventure with your little ones with a special pan that will help you create a train engine and several cars.


Donor: Jo Ann Jones                                                                                Donor Value: $30.00


1088       Serving Platter


Beautiful and functional! This serving platter is perfect for the Holidays!


Donor: Angie Luna & Bismarck                                                               Donor Value: $50.00



Lady Luck: Raffle


1             Barnes and Noble Gift Card $25


$25 Gift card good at Barnes and Noble.  Use for you and your family or give as a gift!  It's up to you.


Donor: Joyce and Gary Diamond                                                             Donor Value: $25.00


3             P.F. Changs gift card $50


Too tired to cook dinner after holiday shopping??  Use this gift card valued at $50 for yummy P.F. Changs!  Treat the family, save your sanity!


Donor: Joyce and Gary Diamond                                                             Donor Value: $50.00


4             Nordstrom Gift Card $50


Treat yourself to something new or give as a gift.  It's up to you!  Gift card valued at $50.


Donor: Joy & Lucas Ke                                                                            Donor Value: $50.00


38           Manicure @ Textures


Receive one manicure at Textures salon.


Donor: Textures                                                                                        Donor Value: $25.00


901         $25 at The Oasis


Enjoy $25 off your meal at The Oasis.


Donor: Jake's Restaurant Group                                                               Donor Value: $25.00


1000       Gift Certificate at Adventure Toys


$25 Gift Certificate


Donor: Adventure Toys                                                                            Donor Value: $25.00


1002       Gift Card for Hillsdale Shopping Center


$25 Gift Card for Hillsdale Shopping Center


Donor: Bohannon Foundation                                                                  Donor Value: $25.00


1010       Foot Massage


Enjoy the true relaxation of a Body Kneads foot massage.


Donor: Body Kneads Spa & Salon                                                          Donor Value: $25.00


1015       $25 at Hobee's California Restaurants


Enjoy $25 off your meal at any of seven Hobee's locations.


Donor: Hobee's California Restaurants                                                    Donor Value: $25.00


1017       4 Passes to Children's Fairyland


Delight in the beloved outdoor storybook theme park on the shores of Oakland's Lake Merritt.


Four people will be admitted free of charge to Children's Fairyland.


Donor: Children's Fairyland                                                                     Donor Value: $24.00


1038       Books Inc. $25 Gift Certificate


Gift certificate to Books Inc., the west's oldest independent bookseller. Now open in Town and Country Shopping Center, but good in any of their locations.


Donor: Annie Talbot                                                                                 Donor Value: $25.00


1054       Gift Certificate at Linden Tree Children's Books


$10 Gift Certificate at Linden Tree Children's Books.  Browse the best selection of children's books and recordings around.


Donor: Linden Tree Children's Recordings & Books                              Donor Value: $10.00


1055       Costco cash card


$25 Cash Card good at any Costco Wholesale in the U.S. and on costco.com.


Donor: Costco Wholesale                                                                         Donor Value: $25.00


1056       Two Passes to the San Francisco Zoo


Two free one-time admission passes, four free passes to be used for either the Carousel or the Little Puffer Steam Train and two free parking passes.


Donor: San Francisco Zoological Society                                                Donor Value: $40.00


1057       Four Passes to The Tech Museum of Innovation


Four General Admission Passes to The Tech.  Good for admission to exhibit galleries.


The mission of The Tech Museum of Innovation is to serve as an educational resource to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in exploring and experiencing technologies affecting their lives, and to inspire young people to become innovators in developing technologies of the future.


Donor: The Tech Museum of Innovation                                                 Donor Value: $32.00


1068       Mani Pedicure at Sky Nails


A gift certificate for a Mani Pedicure at Sky Nails in Menlo Park


Donor: Sky Nails                                                                                      Donor Value: $40.00


1071       Ice skating at Winter Lodge


Four admission passes for ice skating, including skate rental.


Winter Lodge holds daily open skating sessions and offers both single and multiple discount admissions.


Donor: Winter Lodge                                                                               Donor Value: $44.00


1072       Malibu Grand Prix passes


Four Malibu Grand Prix Golf Passes to the Redwood City park.


Donor: Malibu Grand Prix                                                                        Donor Value: $32.00


1077       $25 Gift Certificate from Books, Inc.


Get $25 of literature for yourself or your little one, courtesy of Books, Inc. in Town & Country Village in Palo Alto.


Donor: Books Inc.                                                                                    Donor Value: $25.00


1078       2 Tickets to the Oakland A's


This gift certificate entitles the holder to 2 plaza outfield vouchers to a mutually agreeable Oakland A's home game during the 2009 regular season.


Donor: Oakland A's -- Community Relations                                          Donor Value: $36.00


1079       $35 Gift Certificate to Buck's


Enjoy a delicious family breakfast at Bucks in Woodside.


Donor: Buck's                                                                                           Donor Value: $35.00


1082       $25 Gift Certificate to Paxti's Pizza


Paxti's serves up delicious pizzas in classic combinations or create your own pizza just the way you like it.  All pizzas are available with traditional thin crust or Chicago Style stuffed crust.


Donor: Paxti's                                                                                           Donor Value: $25.00


1083       $25 Gift Certificate for Avanti's Pizza


Avanti's pizza and fresh pasta is in Menlo Park.


Donor: Avanti's Pizza                                                                               Donor Value: $25.00



Mark your "X": Sign Up/Bid Up


52           Gentlemen's Hold'em Party


Take a ride on the No-Limit Tournament Texas Hold'em bandwagon!  Use super premium 13-gram chips.  Limitless fine wine, fancy beers and other drinks.  Self-deal.  We will order pizzas throughout the night.  Cash prizes for the finalists.  Trophy for first place.  Party limited to 20.   

$100 tonight.  $100 buy in the night of the tournament.


Donor: Jeremy Gundel, Lou Montulli, Ben Paul and David Carter    Donor Value: $1,500.00


18           Holiday Cookie Decorating Party


Come decorate 1 dozen holiday cookies to take home with you!  There will be 4 delicious varieties of cookies ready for your child's imaginative and decorative touches.  Party includes snacks and warm drinks.  Saturday, December 13th, 2- 4 pm.  Party limited to 8.  $40 per child


Donor: Kris Swanson, Tina Mondragon & Jenny Sullivan                    Donor Value: $320.00


20           Movie Night at Teacher Kristy's House


Have your child bring their favorite movie to teacher Kristy's house.  We'll watch the movie, eat popcorn cookies, and have lots of fun!


Donor: Teacher Kristy                                                                          Donor Value: priceless!


21           Bedtime Stories with Teacher Kristy


Have teacher Kristy come to your home and read your child's favorite bedtime stories.  This promises to be a REAL treat!


Donor: Teacher Kristy                                                                          Donor Value: priceless!


23           Teacher Kristy's Class Reunion


Come join all your old friends at the Menlo-Atherton Cooperative Nursery School.  Third Annual Reunion of Teacher Kristy's Monday through Thursday Class of 2007-2008.  Friday March 20, 2009 3:30 to 5:30pm.  $50 per child.


Donor: Teacher Kristy                                                                              Donor Value: $50.00


33           Tennis Clinic and Social


Do you want to be the next Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams?  Come out to Nealon Park for a two hour tennis clinic and round robin social.  All levels are welcome.  Refreshments and snack provided. Date: Saturday April 18, 2009.


Donor: Holly Williams & Marie Clemente                                             Donor Value: $320.00


36           Appetizer Cooking Party for 8 Gals


Leave the husband and kids at home and have a girls morning out!! We will be given the skills and recipes to create some amazing tasty appetizers at the home of Rossana Buigas.  Wine and cocktails too of course!  February Tentatively


Donor: Buigas & Olson Swanson                                                           Donor Value: $450.00


44           Game Night


GET YOUR GAME ON!  What better way to support our play-based preschool than a game night for 4 couples?!  Choose from Catchphrase, Balderdash, Guesstures, Taboo, Twister or more modern competition on the Wii (or bring your favorite game from home).  Plenty of cocktails and snacks will be provided to fuel your competitive drive!  Your group will surely have a blast!


Donor: Nobles & Feicks                                                                         Donor Value: $250.00


45           Homemade Birthday Party!


Is your child dying for a princess party?  How about an airplane or superheroes celebration?  For your child's next birthday, why not minimize the hassle but maximize the fun?  Once you determine the date, guest list and theme, we will deliver the following for up to 25 children: printed invitations (delivered to your Co-op mailbox, 3 weeks in advance), Decorations (Balloons, tablecloths, and any other fun stuff related to your theme), Paper Goods (coordinated plates, cups, napkins), Games (a prize-filled pinata, pin the tail on the donkey...and maybe more), Favors too.  We will also include 2 dozen themed cupcakes (an $80 value) from a local bakery, delivered to your home.  All you need to do is provide us with the guest list and help determine the theme with a month's notice.  And, of course, you provide your own food, drink, and supervision in the setting of your choice.  Then, you can take all of the credit for a home-made birthday party for your little one.          Fine print:  No set-up, hosting or clean-up for us, you'll receive all the birthday trimmings in a box ready for you to create your own fun event!


Donor: Susannah and Darren Shimkus &  Chip and Audrey Overstreet Donor Value: $250.00


201         Valentine Cookie Decorating Party


Want to treat the special people in your life to a thoughtful Valentine's gift? Come over on Saturday, February 7th from 10-12:00.  We will decorate cookies and make cards for Valentine's Day.


Donor: Ann Crady & Nicole Osmer                                                         Donor Value: $50.00


1019       Gymnastics Party!


Gymnastics Party at Menlo Park Gymnastics for up to 20 participants.  50 minutes of age-appropriate activities, such as:

 - Gymnastics

 - Obstacle Course

 - Parachute

 - Tumble Trax

 - Hoops, Balls, Games, Races


Can be followed by a picnic outside in beautiful Burgess Park.  Expires December 31, 2009.


Donor: Menlo Park Gymnastics                                                             Donor Value: $166.00


1025       Holiday Cookie Decorating with Teacher Carol


Cookie Decorating Party for 10 children and their parents at Teacher Carol's house. Come decorate cookies for the Winter Holidays on Friday, Dec 5, 3-5pm


Donor: Carol Thomsen                                                                          Donor Value: priceless!


1033       Kayla's Kids Camp


Kayla, A co-op alum, will hold a drop off camp for 5 children. The camp will run from 10-12:30pm for one week in the summer. (date to be determined)  Includes healthy lunch, games, art projects, water play. To be held at our Menlo Park home.  Children to be 3 and a half years old.                 Two adults will supervise and participate.


Donor: Alyssa Blau                                                                                Donor Value: $250.00


1040       Tea Party in the Garden with Teacher Carol


Come to Teacher Carol's house for a Tea Party!  10 parents and 10 children will enjoy tea, cookies, cakes and sandwiches. Date to be mutually agreed upon in April or May


Donor: Teacher Carol Thomsen                                                            Donor Value: priceless!


1045       Science Party for Kids!


Children are born scientists. They instinctively and immediately investigate their surroundings through the use of all their senses. They are never too young to be introduced to basic scientific concepts, especially when they are having fun. And FUN they are guaranteed to have at our Science Party for Kids!  Kid tested and approved! Your child will love exploring the marvels of nature by levitating bubbles, getting down and dirty with non-Newtonian fluids and making liquid Nitrogen ice cream, to name just a few of the activities they will experience.  Party to be held on Saturday, January 10, 2009 at the Turner home. Party is for  up to 10 children


Donor: Andrea & Stephen Turner                                                          Donor Value: $500.00


1048       Cake Decorating Playgroup


Have 4-6 kids come over to my house for approx 2 hours to decorate cakes and cupcakes....and eat some too of course :) I will provide the cakes, cupcakes, frosting, fruits and sprinkles. Kids can take their creations home. I will send digital pictures to parents . Parents are welcome to stay.


Donor: Michelle Ho                                                                                Donor Value: $120.00


1049       Cocktails and Cutting: Holiday Gift Wrapping Party


Enjoy drinks and hors d'oeuvres with fellow Co-op parents while tackling the tedious job of wrapping all your holiday gifts. We'll provide all the wrapping paper, bows, and tags. Just shop like mad and bring your gifts. Party to be held on Sunday, December 14th, 4:00-6:00pm at the home of Lisa Strope     25 Lucky bidders may win!   35.00 pp for 25 people


Donor: Lisa Strope, Sarah Stremple & Stephany Ayotte                       Donor Value: $875.00


1075       Demonstration cooking class at Atherton Culinary


Enjoy a Private Demonstration Cooking Class with your family, friends or co-workers at the stunning Atherton Culinary Showroom in Burlingame. Select and reserve a class from our culinary calendar and learn tips and techniques from our Culinary Director, Barbara Shenson while you enjoy a delicious lunch during the fun and interactive program.


Gift certificate for a private demonstration cooking class for six at Atherton Culinary.


Donor: Atherton Culinary                                                                      Donor Value: $400.00


1096       Teacher Laura's Reunion Party


Class of 2006-2007 come join your old buddies at the home of Teacher Laura and friend John, and meet some new members of their animal family.  $50 per child.


Donor: Teacher Laura                                                                               Donor Value: $50.00


Rodeo Thrills: Sport & Fitness


8             Yoga Classes


A private yoga class lesson OR attendance to four group classes taught by an experienced and fun yoga teacher. Lily Anne Hillis has taught yoga for over 30 years.  Her classes are professional, but very light-hearted.  She refers to her classes as "irreverent yoga."  The private lesson will be in her home in the Allied Arts neighborhood. Group classes are in Cowper Street, Palo Alto.


Donor: Tyler Wilson                                                                                 Donor Value: $90.00


30           An Autographed 49er Football


An official San Francisco 49er football autographed by Joe Staley, starting offensive lineman (left tackle).


Donor: Michael & Holly Williams                                                          Donor Value: $100.00


32           Official SF 49er Men's Team Apparel


This is a great assortment of official San Francisco 49er Team Apparel.  The apparel includes a men's size large windbreaker jacket, a cotton long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve polo, a short sleeve performance shirt, and 2 hats.


Donor: Michael & Holly Williams                                                          Donor Value: $200.00


42           Your own private Yoga Class!


This can be an intimate yoga session for you and your significant other or a small group session with other moms and dads.  (up to 6).  You pick the location!  Julianne will come to your house, a park, or wherever you choose.


Donor: Tissha Brumm                                                                               Donor Value: $90.00


1001       $100 off on Lacrosse Summer Camp


Play Lacrosse in Holbrook Palmer Park!  


Get $100 off on a one week summer camp session in June, July or August, 2009.


Great Opportunity for boys & girls age 5 and up; no experience necessary.  Try the fastest-growing team sport on the West Coast!


Donor: Atherton Lacrosse Camp                                                            Donor Value: $100.00


1080       4 passes to Blackberry Farm Golf Course


Gather your friends and enjoy a day of golf.  Four passes to Blackberry Farm Golf Course in Cupertino.


Donor: Blackberry Farm Golf Course                                                      Donor Value: $60.00


1081       Get in shape with a personal trainer at III Pillars


One hour consultation and four one-hour personal training sessions at III Pillars Personal Training in Menlo Park.


Donor: III Pillars Personal Training                                                        Donor Value: $375.00




5             Basket of Children's Books


Beautiful and reusable gift basket filled with all new, popular children's books for hours of reading fun that your children can enjoy themselves or your family can enjoy together.


Donor: Hurley Family                                                                               Donor Value: $40.00


6             Wooden Children's Toys


Finely crafted beautiful child's rocking horse and balance board.  Heritage quality.  This finely crafted rocking horse can be part of your family for generations to come!


Donor: Joyce and Gary Diamond                                                           Donor Value: $100.00


17           Rody Rider - Red or green


Rody inflatable horses are a blast for a wide range of ages!  They have been our daughter's favorite toy for years!  Great way for kids to get exercise in the house - fun for races- perfectly safe and easy to store.  Trust us, your kids will LOVE these Rodys!


Donor: Diane & Mike Spath                                                                   Donor Value: $100.00


25           Gift Set for Baby Boy


Be a great gift giver!  Soft and snuggly mix and match playwear for baby boy with coordinating blanket from the Tea Collection.   www.teacollection.com


Donor: Laura Joukovski & Tea Collection                                             Donor Value: $100.00


26           Gift Set for Baby Girl


Be a great gift-giver!  Soft and snuggle mix and match playwear for baby girl with coordinating blanket from Tea Collection.  www.teacollection.com


Donor: Laura Joukovski & Tea Collection                                             Donor Value: $100.00


27           Sample Sale Shopping Spree @ Tea


Tea Collection is holding its holiday sample sale on Friday November 14th and Saturday November 15th.  Hundreds of styles will be on sale at prices below wholesale value.  Present this gif certificate for 10 Free Items!


Donor: Laura Joukovski & Tea Collection                                             Donor Value: $150.00


TBD      Sample Sale Shopping Spree @ Tea


Introduce your child to Ballet, Tap and Jazz with three fun-filled, low-key

dance classes at Reach Fitness Club in Palo Alto. Miss Donna of Premier

Development instructs 4-5 year old girls and boys on fun ways to move and

groove and how to don their first pair of tap shoes. Her style is relaxed,

kind-hearted, and full of humor. Pick any three Wednesday afternoons after

school, from 3:30pm to 4:30pm, now thru December 10. Or use the three-pack

for next semester's start day.


Donor: Reach Fitness Club                                                                       Donor Value: $45.00


47           Melissa and Doug Art Supplies


Everything your child needs to create his or her own personal work of art!  Finger paint paper, jumbo coloring pad, with a finger paint set, jumbo brush set, and take-along watercolor set.  A rainbow stamp pad with three different stamp sets.  Triangular crayons, a modeling clay set, glitter glue sticks and more!  Hours and hours of creative fun!   Kit includes a toy bin to hold everything together.


Donor: Mary Castellucci & Ed Schrader                                                Donor Value: $100.00


1027       Basket of Kiddie's Storybooks


Does your child love books? Give them the gift of a wonderful selection of favorite CO-OP story time books. Beautifully presented in a basket, reading at home will be a pleasure!!


Donor: Bill Steinmetz                                                                             Donor Value: $75.00


1031       Fun on Wheels! : Kettler Supertrike


Ideal for young riders ages 2 to five, Kettler's Kiddio Supertrike 2 features a stroller push bar for adult supervision and guidance, handy storage bag, three-position seat. This trike also offers an oversized non-slip step on plate and a limited turn radius steering device. A sturdy steel frame and ergonomic handlebars ensure proper posture. This colorful trike offers lots of fun!


Donor: Elaine Smith                                                                                 Donor Value: $60.00


1058       Personalized Holiday Cards from Tiny*Prints


Send holiday cards with photos of your little ones to all those near and dear to your family.  Tiny*Prints makes it easy, and the results are beautiful.


Tiny Prints, Inc. is a leading online retailer of premium, personalized stationery. For Fresh, Modern Photo Cards, Announcements, Holiday Greetings and Invitations, please visit www.tinyprints.com


Note:  There are 5 $50 gift certificates available to the top bidders.


Donor: Tiny Prints                                                                                    Donor Value: $50.00


1093       Trucks, Trucks, Trucks


Start your Holiday Shopping early with this Vehicle theme basket.  Your little one will love it!!   We have included our favorites. Guaranteed to put a smile on a little face


Donor: Sheri & Gary Toig                                                                      Donor Value: $150.00
















Menlo Atherton Cooperative Nursery School


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